What Drives Us

As the world becomes increasingly driven by technology the structure of the IT support services industry has to change. A traditional support services company offering pre-packaged solutions can no longer support clients with all of the technology services driving their businesses. Offering IT support services with closed loop service delivery no longer works.

The IT strategy required by all businesses is now driven by a complete mix of traditional server run solutions, cloud service solutions, a communications solution and a security layer all with the with the additional support of physical hardware powerful enough to run all of the software. Any of this mix could now be on-site or off-site.

Our Team provides solutions using a very flexible service model in order to delivery effective IT support service for our clients. Every solutions framework designed contains is a mix of traditional service and cloud based solutions.

We strive to supply a framework architecture which is built around the needs of the business’ present requirements and we take into account projected requirements. In today’s environment needs are unpredictable. It makes sense to take on board an IT support partner which is able to flex in accordance with need. We build solutions that can take responsibility for some, or all, of the IT infrastructure to deliver an IT strategy that scales at the business’ pace.

Either as an extension of your pre-existing IT department or a fully managed out-sourced IT department we become part of your Team. We are your out-sourced in-house IT department.

Our mission is simple…to provide our clients with unparalleled, efficient and cost effective IT support services. Whether it is flexible IT support you need or fully managed IT support, whether you need to co-source your IT requirements or out-source your IT requirements we’ll build you a bespoke package which is very carefully shaped around your needs.

Our longest client has been with us for upwards of 10 years. We’ve been known in the hospitality sector for upwards of 15 years. We live, work, eat, breath and sleep in the sectors we work within. We’re immersed in the sectors we work within. We work with renowned 5-star hotels through to recruitment companies. It’s our job to know our stuff so that your business can access what it needs as the push of a button. We keep information flowing, costs down and efficiency up.