Public Wi-Fi Provider in London

Here at ICON ITS we also provide, manage and support a number of Wi-Fi access services.

We provide:

  • Wireless Internet (wi-fi hotspots) for Bars, Pubs and restaurants
  • Hotel Guest Wireless Services (HSIA/High Speed Guest Internet Access )
  • Public Area Internet Kiosks

We work with some of the most respected 5-star hotels across the UK. Some Hotels are now leaning toward offering free wi-fi access to guests as the world becomes increasingly reliant upon cloud solutions and the use of the internet in all aspects of our everyday lives.

The Hotel Guest Wireless Services product (otherwise known as HSIA or High Speed Internet Access) is a product developed specifically for our hospitality clients and enables high speed internet access for guests. Whether guests wish to stream TV, film, video call, skype or whatever the application used the provision of high speed internet access is essential. Guests can access this service in their rooms, or over wi-fi across various areas within the hotel or indeed over a kiosk sytem.

We can also provide tiered internet access where limited bandwidth is provided free of charge whilst other guest may be happy to pay an upgrade for higher bandwidth or more time.

Our trained systems engineers work hard to ensure you remain stress-free.