Out-sourcing & Co-sourcing

Our clients vary from large corporates to small to medium companies (SMEs).

The needs of every business, no matter what the size, are different. The way to cut through the costs of upscaling or downscaling your IT department is to outsource or co-source with ICON ITS Ltd.

In today’s environment needs are sometimes unpredictable. It makes sense to take on board an IT support partner which is able to flex inaccordance with your needs. We can take responsibility for some, or all, of your IT if you choose to outsource or co-source with ICON ITS.

Whether it is flexible IT support you need or fully managed IT support, whether you need to co-source your IT requirements or out-source your IT requirements we’ll deliver an IT strategy that scales at your own pace, is the best-fit for you and is shaped carefully around your needs.

Outsourcing or co-sourcing keeps the operating costs for your IT infrastructure lean. You can expect to call upon experienced systems engineers who will be able to look after every element of your IT infrastructure with on-site support or remote support when you need it.

Once we’re collaborating, we will do our best to proivde you with uninterrupted service. Quality of IT service is everything to us. We work in partnership with you. We’re your flexible IT department. We become part of your team.