Email Security

Here at ICON ITS we offer Email Security, Email Spam and Virus Protection as a service. Why is email security, spam screening and virus protection important? 79% of websites containing malicious code are actually legitimate sites that have been compromised.

When this challenge is coupled with the increase in the use of multi-access devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets, the business is then presented with many opportunities for a business’ corporate network to be compromised. This compromise results in downtime and downtime means added disruption and cost.

Cyber criminals are also increasingly using email to deliver malware attacks on organisations. With tier 1 partners, award winning solutions and multi-layered protection, ICON ITS offer Unified Threat Management. Our solutions monitor the network for a variety of threats and offer the ultimate in network protection. We provide the best anti-threat software for multiple platforms. We deliver proactive online scanning, faster performance, and lowest resource utilisation for high traffic mail servers.