Cloud Services

What is the Cloud? What is Cloud technology? Cloud computing is fast changing the way organisations plan their IT strategy, IT support services and their IT infrastructure. The service enables the user to log onto a web-based environment which hosts the services required.

What benefit would Cloud services bring to your company? The use of ICON ITS’ Cloud services could help you reduce your capital investment into your IT infrastructure and facilitate flexible scaling up or down depending upon your requirements.

Cloud computing can streamline operations, reduce costs and can reduce strain on resource. Remote access allows you to run anything from hosted email exchange, hosted exchange, hosted desktops (Office 365) and hosted back-up.

Local servers no longer have to carry the entire load of your data processing and the capital investment into hardware and software demand could potentially decrease.

Here at ICON ITS we can help you with Cloud computing adoption. We will design a cloud adoption strategy which is the best fit for you. Whether you prefer simple solutions such as email, cloud file or back-up systems to more complex solutions such as on-demand business applications accessible by any device of choice or workstation.

We will outline the real benefits Cloud services may bring your company, assess which services can be rolled-out within the company, review any risks associated with your sector and IT infrastructure and plan a best-fit migration strategy for you.

We provide the following services:

  • Security as a service: Email security, email spam and virus protection
  • Hosted Backup/Online Backup
  • Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange & Office 365

Information to follow soon

Online Backup

Information to follow soon